This page contains information on our curriculum, what, and how we teach the children in our school.

In Reception the children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage guidance on what and how they should be taught, laid out in this guidance –  EYFS_framework 2021

In years 1-6 this document-  PRIMARY_national_curriculum_KS1-2 is the Primary National Curriculum that is followed and that we teach children.

It is laid out by subject and year group.

We use this information when planning our topics and units of work which we tell you about in our regular newsletter and class information sheets, below.


We use a phonetic approach for teaching reading, supplemented by schemes such as Oxford Reading Tree. As readers develop they have access to our book banded schemes.

In phonics teaching we follow the Lancashire phonics progression supplemented by Letters and Sounds. We send books matched to the phonics phases but from a variety of phonic and non phonic schemes so that the children get a wide variety of reading materials. We have additional phonics books for children that need further reinforcement. We will shortly (from Easter) be reinforcing this with the Lancashire Red Rose Scheme.

Below are our detailed plans.

Read our Curriculum Statement: HERE

The Infant curriculum relates to Reception (EYFS), Years 1 & 2 (KS1).

EYFS Cycle A 2021-2022

EYFS Cycle B 2022-2023

KS1 Cycle A LTP 2021-2022

KS1 Cycle B LTP 2022-2023

Infant Music 2yr programme

The Junior (KS2) curriculum relates to Years 3-6

long term planning Year A 2021-2022

long term planning Year B

long term planning Year C

long term planning Year D

Infant / Junior RE 4 year Cycle 2018 inc new units

Our termly curriculum information sheets are below.

EYFS Summer 2 2022

KS1 Summer 2 2022

EYFS Summer 1 2022

KS1 Summer 1 2022 

Juniors Summer 2022

EYFS Spring 2 2022

KS1 Spring 2 2022

KS1 Spring 1 2022

EYFS Spring 1 2022

Juniors Spring 2022

EYFS Autumn 2021

KS1 Autumn 2021

EYFS Summer 2021

KS1 Summer 2021

Juniors Summer 2021