British Values

In 2011, the government defined British Values as democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs.  We promote these values through our own school values, curriculum and enrichment activities.


Value How We Promote It


Links to school values:






UN CRC Article 12:  Children have the right to say what they think should happen, when adults are making decisions that affect them, and to have their opinions taken into account.

·        Elected School Council used to promote democracy, voting and representation.

·        Children volunteer for activities; sports, fundraising, in school clubs

·        Kindness certificates are chosen by children and voted for.

·        Opportunity for everyone to contribute to star of the week.

·        Geography topic such as on different parliaments in UK and Australia.

·        Enterprise topic is decided by class.

·        Annual pupil questionnaire is returned

·        City visit to Edinburgh and parliament

The rule of law


Links to school values:




UN CRC Article 19:  Governments should ensure that children are properly cared for, and protect them from violence, abuse and neglect by their parents, or anyone else who looks after them.

·        Christian focus on morality (right and wrong)

·        High expectations for behaviour. Rewards for exhibiting good and caring behaviour through stickers and star of the week. Behaviour policy in place

·        Weekly circle time, assemblies and PSHE teach about trust and respect, morality and doing the right thing.

·        PCSO talks about their role and rules to follow.

·        Bikeability training on road rules and how to ride in years 5/6.

·        RE teaching on commandments

Individual liberty


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UN CRC Article 31:  All children have a right to relax and play, and to join in a wide range of activities.


UN CRC Article 15:  Children have the right to meet together and to join groups and organisations, as long as this does not stop other people from enjoying their rights.

·        Children have class jobs.

·        Class rules are composed by children

·        Children choose to take part in sports events, school competitions and clubs.

·        Online safety is taught as part of internet safety day, computing lessons and log on messages.

·        NSPCC run biannual workshops for children on keeping safe, personal responsibility and their own rights over their body.

·        Life Education bus personal decision taking discussions

Mutual respect


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UN CRC Article 2:  The Convention applies to everyone whatever their race, religion, abilities, whatever they think or say and whatever type of family they come from.


UN CRC Article 30:  Children have a right to learn and use the language and customs of their families, whether these are shared by the majority of people in the country or not.

·        High expectations are reflected in our behaviour and equality policies.

·        Star of the week is chosen by children.

·        EAL children in school are welcomed, accepted and praised for their abilities.

·        Circle time is used for listening and turn taking, collaboration and cooperation.

·        Anti-bullying week held annually.

·        Infunch club uses talk and social skills.

·        Joint Forest School and Tower Wood days expect and promote mutual respect for children from other schools; Leck, Dallas Road

·        Inter school tournaments are expected to be entered in a sporting but fair way to show respect to other teams.


Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs


Links to school values:




UN CRC Article 14:  Children have the right to think and believe what they want, and to practise their religion, as long as they are not stopping other people from enjoying their rights. Parents should guide their children on these matters.

·        Visits are made to other religious buildings; Caton churches for other Christian beliefs, Ulverston Buddhist temple.

·        Infant learn a celebrations topic on different faith.

·        Christian Union have a kindness focus.

·        Dallas Road days enable children to meet other faiths and get to know them as children in the same way.

·        Behaviour, Equality and cohesion policy all promote this aspect.

·        RE syllabus also focuses on other religions; beliefs, festivals and places of worship.