11th March

Class News.


In Infants this week we have continued to explore our Clothes theme. We have been writing alternative Traditional Tales and thinking about where we need a wolf breath (full stop) as well as other types of punctuation. Reception children have been describing different items of clothing and making posters for the role play shop. 

In Maths, reception children have been creating patterns of elf tools and designing patterned sunglasses. They have been counting out the elves buttons using the tweezers to pick them out of the sewing objects mixture. Years 1 and 2 have been exploring different methods for subtraction and working out subtraction word problems. 


In the afternoons this week, we have been using the mud kitchen outdoors, participating in a sensory story to explore what Easter means to Christians, designing outfits to wear in different seasons/weather, thinking about which materials to use to repair an umbrella that the elves have broken and considering our local environment (doing a traffic survey and tidying up our outdoor area). 


Next week children in Years 1 and 2 will be thinking about clothing in the past. If you have any photographs of clothes you wore as a child or any photographs of grandparents’ clothes as a child these would really help to support our learning. Please could you send them into school by next Wednesday or scan and email them to me at angelahamlett@hornby.lancs.sch.uk. Thank you 🙂 


                           Infant Star of the week        

George – For fantastic ideas in Science about properties of materials and which might be most suitable to repair the umbrella.  Great George!


Joey – For making a super effort in all of his learning. Well done Joey!

Jasmine – Amazing effort in all lessons this week.



Lower – Year 3/4  

Did you know that the Maya people believed that the earth was large and flat and rested on the back of a creature like a turtle or a crocodile?  This is just one of the interesting things the juniors have been learning about in History this week.  Megan asked an interesting question in Science; we have been learning about states of matter and that everything is made up of matter and falls into 3 groups.  Liquid, Solid and Gas.  We have learnt that everything is made of particles, and they behave in different ways, Megan wondered if everything has the same number of particles?  We were investigating the question, does gas have a weight? James and Zeus reasoned that it must have a weight as it was a thing and was made up of particles.  We also had some fantastic supervillains created for homework.  It was super to see the children’s imagination come to life, we had Bookman, Bob (mixture of demon and wizard), Trumpus Bean, Baddy Girl, Book Worm and a villain who could turn into anything! Beware!  Very entertaining!   



Upper – Year 5/6  

Year 5 and 6 have been investigating material properties in science. They looked at lots of vocabulary to help describe the properties and then they worked in teams to sort the materials into the correct categories. Maths has been all about problem solving and explaining their reasoning.

Literacy has been lots of fun as the children continue their imagery poetry unit. We focused on our senses this week and thought about what we would put in our own magic box (this was after looking at the Magic Poem box written by Kit Wright) Some of the children’s ideas were

The sound of the crowd shouting at a rugby match (Joey

The smell of freshly cut grass (Billy)

Seeing my baby brother’s eyes light up when he laughs (Elliot)                      

The sound of a waterfall cascading down (Rose)


Year 3 Star of the week:  Peter – for asking interesting and thoughtful questions in History.

Year 4 Star of the week: James – for fabulous homework  


Year 5 Star of the week: Joey– for excellent literacy work in poetry.   

Year 6 Star of the week: Ava for super problem solving in maths.


The boring door competition – We need your ideas to re-vamp the library door please! We need some imaginative, exciting, vibrant and fun designs. Please see poster in your Friday bag for more details. We can’t wait to see what you come up with 😊


Timekeeping Reminder – School timekeeping has, unfortunately, started to slip again. We allow children in from 8.50am to give them plenty of time to get organised and settled before the lessons begin. School finishes promptly at 3.30pm so please arrive with time to spare.

If your child arrives after 9.00am, please bring them to the office at the front of school as playground doors are locked for safety.


Day for Ukraine – Monday 14th March – Wear blue and yellow. Bring a donation if you wish or donate online at www.dec.org.uk  We’re intending to send some cards on Monday to Ukrainian children via a collection at Caton School.


Parents Meetings – Tuesday 15th March – You should have all received an email with your child’s allocated time slot. If you haven’t, please contact Hannah in the office.


Internet Safety Briefing- Monday 21st March

Following Internet Safety Day, we have managed to book an expert to speak to parents about using the internet safely; how to manage your children’s use of apps and the computer and generally keep yourself safe online. This will be via Zoom at 7pm so you can even stay at home. A link will be sent closer to the time.


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Thursday 17th March

Day for Ukraine – Wear blue and yellow

Return Library books and Friday bags

Film Club – After school 3.30pm – 4.30pm


Parent Meetings – see email

Rugby Club – After school 3.30pm – 4.30pm


Reception and Year 6 height and weight check – If you do not wish your child to take part, please phone 0300 247 0040.

Swimming lessons at Hornby Pool Y4 and Y5

Garden Gang – school garden at morning break – bring your wellies if you want to join in.




Advance Warning


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Friday 1st April


Wednesday 25th May




Internet Safety Briefing – Zoom at 7pm


Upper Juniors – Cluster netball tournament at Caton


Year 1 & 2 Forest school day at Leck.


Easter lunch


End of term


Young Voices Competition – Manchester AO arena