25th February 2022


Class News.


Upper – Year 5/6 We have really enjoyed being back at school for a new and exciting term. We had a real adventure going to the Yorkshire Dales and exploring three caves. The children were supervised by experienced instructors from Tower Wood and they got stuck into the challenge. We are so proud of how the children behaved and their effort and enthusiasm for the day. Well done everyone.

Our new topics are in full swing. In science we are learning about material properties and had fun describing objects in our mystery box. We started to look at their properties too – ask your child if they can remember any of our key vocabulary.

In literacy the children are enjoying our poetry unit of work ‘The power of imagery’ where we have had lots of laughs making up funny personifications such as Dominics’ “All of a sudden the ketchup sachet started to bleed constantly”

Lower Year 3/4 Thank you to Year 3 and 4 for an enjoyable first week back after half term.  We started the week off learning magic tricks and performing in our own circus, this was as an introduction to our new book, Leon and the Place Between.  The children really got into the spirit of things and said they felt ‘amazed’, ‘excited’ and ‘alive’ with all the sights and sounds. In Maths sessions, we have been using mm, cm and m to measure different items and used words like ‘convert’ and equivalent’ to explain what we have been doing.  We discussed The Easter Story in RE and reviewed our previous topic in Science to see what we could remember from last half term about different bones in our bodies and the nutrients we find in our food and their benefits.  There will be a new homework sheet coming home for this half term so take a moment to look over this, so you know what is coming up and remember homework is due back on a Wednesday.  




Year 5/6 Star of the week: All Upper juniors for amazing effort and enthusiasm at caving

Year 4 Star of the week: James for being patient with others and with his work

Year 3 Star of the week: Livia for always being patient and being kind to others



Infants have had a brilliant start to the new half term. Well done everyone for coming back to school in a super way and settling back into learning. We have welcomed Miss Jones into Class One. She will be working with us every morning and all day on a Thursday. Please find attached topic information for this half term. We all got to visit the library this week and choose a book to take home and read for pleasure. Please can these be returned each Monday. Thank you to Mrs Norris for running the library sessions, we much appreciate having this opportunity to use the library again and are excited about our new book selection. 


In class, we have continued our theme of traditional tales in English. Reception have been reading the Elves and the Shoemaker and have enjoyed using the shoes/clothes shop role play area. They have been making posters to display.  In maths, Reception have been exploring o’clock times with Mr Wolf.  Years 1 and 2 have been subtracting using different methods this week – removing objects, counting back and using part whole models. They have also been exploring odd and even numbers during number fun time.


In the afternoons, we have started to explore our half termly Christian value – Patience. Reception children have planted some lettuce seeds and are patiently waiting for them to grow. In Science we have been exploring which objects are magnetic and trying to solve an elf magnet challenge!




Infant Star of the week: Sophie – Super work in morning challenge time 

Certificates:                      Jasmine- For showing persistence and patience with maths work.




New Library books.

The children have all brought home a new library book this week, our library will be run by Joey and Livia’s mum on a Monday afternoon. Your child MUST return their book on a Monday, then they will be able to choose another book to bring home. It was really lovely to see how excited the children were.


Bikeability – 1st & 2nd March      DON’T FORGET YOUR BIKE AND HELMET!

All of our year 5 and 6 pupils will be undertaking Bikeability training on Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd March. There seems to have been some confusion re the dates as some of the forms have a date later in the month, but please note that Bikeability is NEXT WEEK. Bikeability is a cycling proficiency course over two days developing skills and confidence in the playground before moving onto quiet roads. The focus of the course is to give children the skills and confidence to cycle in today’s traffic conditions.  The course is fully funded by Lancaster County Council and bears no cost to parents.



World Book Day – Next week we will celebrate World Book Day in school on Friday.  If children want to, they can bring one prop which might belong to a book character or setting description e.g. A stripy hat for ‘Where’s Wally’ or a wand for ‘Harry Potter’. They can also bring in their favourite book. We will have a time during the day when Infant and Juniors can look at their favourite books together. 



Height and Weight check –  Thursday 17th March

Children in Reception and Year 6 will be taking part in this year’s national measurement programme. If you are happy for your child to take part, you do not need to do anything. If you do not wish your child to take part, please phone 0300 247 0040. Please see attached sheet for more information.



Veg Power. Lucy is promoting Veg Power, eat them to defeat. The campaign runs from February 28th to March 28th and aims to get children trying more vegetables, by focusing each week on a different vegetable!  Hopefully we can find some vegetables that they enjoy.




Garden Gang Big Dig – Saturday 26th Feb 1pm – 3pm

All are most welcome at the school field on Saturday, the Garden Gang are planning an afternoon of tea and cake and tree planting! We have enough trees for each child in school to plant their own.  We have plans to document who’s is who and hope that the children will help nurture and chart their trees growth over the course of their time at school.


After School Clubs – Film Club (Monday) and Rugby (Tuesday) Cost for this half term is £10, please can this be paid via cash/cheque and given to Hannah in the office.


Chickenpox – We have a few children off with chickenpox at the moment, please note that the guidance says to stay at home for 5 days from the onset of rash and return to school once all spots have crusted over. For any enquiries about how long to stay off for illnesses, we have a handy poster in the parent advice section on the website; Infection Control Guidance


Covid Update. We would like to thank everyone for their continued support and efforts with keeping each other safe and please continue to test if your child is feeling unwell or displays the classic symptoms. We will now follow the current guidance and ask that if a child tests positive, they stay at home for 5 days. Siblings with a negative test can now continue to come to school. The school website also has the government information for parents about vaccinations for 5-11 year olds. Please look in the Covid 19 section. Hornby St. Margaret’s C of E Primary School » Covid 19



Dates this half-term: –


Saturday 26th February


Garden Gang Big Dig

Monday 28th February

Film Club – after school


Tuesday 1st Mar


Year 5 & 6 Bikeability

Pancake Day

Rugby Club – after school

Wednesday 2nd Mar 

Year 5 & 6 Bikeability


Friday 4th March

World book day celebrations

Thursday 17th March

Reception and Year 6 height and weight check

Friday 1st April

End of term