2nd July 2020

The children in school appear to be enjoying being back for 4 days a week.  Staff have put some pictures on the school Facebook page to show you the things that have been happening.


This week we have welcomed back children in year 4 to join with the pupils already in school.  The remaining pupils in other year groups have been invited to come back from next Monday 6th July.  All families should have received text messages giving details of the drop off and pick times together with the door the children should use.  Please do remember to use the correct entrance for their group and stick to times for picking and dropping off.


There are no fines or attendance issues for parents who decide not to return at present and staff will continue to put work on the OneDrive for these children, as well as work for all children for Fridays.


School will be providing free packed lunches for all pupils attending until we break up for the summer holidays.

Children are invited to bring any work they have done at home into school next week to share with staff and other pupils. We would also really appreciate you returning all reading and library books that were sent home prior to ‘lockdown’.


We will be emailing children’s reports and attendance statistics home next week, please look out for them.