16th November

This week has been National Anti-Bullying Week, both classes have been doing some activities around this topic.

The four children who attended the Multicultural Festival of Light Day on Wednesday learnt about various different religions and enjoyed creating crafts around the topic.


Payment Cards for Edinburgh Trip.  Parents of children going on next year’s residential visit to Edinburgh will find a payment card in this week’s bag.  This is to help you keep track of payments and spread the cost of the trip.  The total cost is £180 per child, if you have not yet paid the deposit, please do send this is in as soon as possible.  The rest can be paid in instalments between now and the end of March.  Please make sure that you send the card with any payments made.  Cheques should be made payable to Lancashire County Council please.


Upper Junior Netball Competition. Five upper junior pupils are going to Caton on Wednesday 21st November to continue their high five competition; hopefully they will continue winning!  Information sheets are included in the bag today for the pupils involved.


Christmas Play.  Mrs Barker would like to use some stage lighting for the play this year; we wondered if any parents have access to any tall stage lights that would shine down on the stage.  If you can help please talk directly to Mrs Barker on a Tuesday or leave a message with Mrs Sharpe to pass on.


Mrs Barker is retiring at Christmas after working here for twenty years.  We are sure many of you will want to help us mark the occasion, donations towards her leaving gift can be included in the Friday bag in an envelope indicating that they are for her collection or passed directly to Mrs Sharpe in the office.  Many thanks.


Confirmation – Visit of Bishop Jill.  The new Bishop of Lancaster, Bishop Jill Duff, will be visiting Hornby on Monday 10 December, and leading a service in church for all the Juniors at 2.30pm. She will be confirming Jamie Norris, and also Charlotte Norris, who will be back with us for the afternoon. If there is anyone else in Year 5 or Year 6 who would like to be confirmed by Bishop Jill at this service, have a word with Catherine Sharpe in the office, or with the vicar Michael Hampson (21712 or vicar@these4parishes.co.uk). As children learn most of what they need for confirmation in school in assemblies and RE, there will not be any confirmation class, just a final briefing by the vicar in school before the confirmation. The service is open to everyone, and relatives and friends of Junior pupils will be especially welcome to attend.


Chas Jacobs Hornby Charity Christmas Card.  Saint Margaret’s Church has organised a charity Christmas card this year, which is benefiting various organisations around the village. For any bought through school, the proceeds will be shared equally between the church and the school. The card features a specially-commissioned painting by Hornby artist Chas Jacobs, who has been into school to work with the children. It features Hornby castle, Wenning Bridge, Saint Margaret’s Church, Hornby Institute, and Saint Mary’s Presbytery. The cards are keenly priced so that you can use them for your full Christmas Card list – just 50p each for the size of the sample enclosed (A6), and £1 each for cards twice the size (A5). Envelopes are included. There is an order form below, please send all orders into school by Wednesday 21st  November and we will aim to place the cards in your Friday bag next week.


PTA Christmas Fair – Saturday 1st December 12noon-2pm

Thank you for your support with this event. Any further questions, please ask!




Chas Jacobs Hornby Charity Christmas Card. 


A6 Cards at 50p each ……………                                   A5 Cards at £1 each ……………….


I ……………………………… would like to buy the cards above and enclose …………….. to cover the cost.


Cash or Cheques made payable to Hornby CofE Primary School please.